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Comprehensive local Tech Support Plans for Fairfield County Small Businesses 

Your IT infrastructure is growing. And so are the complexities of supporting and maintaing it. You're probably dealing with multiple technology vendors. Chasing down warranty renewals, service contracts and "wrestling" with tech support that blaims the other vendor is a tedious, time-consuming process. The solution? Multivendor hardware and software tech support from Computer Systems Support & Design of Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Multiple vendors. One Simple Solution.

As your trusted, single tech support partner, we offer a solution that consolidates all your support contracts into a single tech support agreement, through a single point of contact, ultimately saving you money, effort and time. Lessen the burden on you or your tech support staff.

Basic hardware support or ProSupport

Choose the level of coverage that best fits your business.

Call (877) 717-6075 Ext. 211 today to learn more about how get technology piece-of-mind from Fairfield County's leading technology services provider.

Hardware break/fix yes yes
In warranty & out of warranty tech support yes yes
24x7x24 phone tech support   yes
Case escalation and management   yes

Microsoft IT Tech Support Services

Computer Systems Support & Design is Fairfield County's leading
Microsoft Certified Partner supporting businesses throughout Fairfield County.

By choosing us for your Microsoft Tech Support needs, you can rest assured that you are getting highly-skilled, well-trained technical support technicians who can answer your questions and provide problem solving solutions for your IT challenges.  We can provide assistance with IT projects as well as ongoing help desk and support services to ensure that you can focus on managing your business rather than handling tech support requests. 

Microsoft Network Support & Microsoft Office Support

Our team features desktop software & networking support technicians as well as other IT professionals who are expertly proficient with Microsoft hardware and software.  As both a Microsoft Certified Partner and a qualified Small Business Specialist, our team has the necessary credentials to manage your organization’s technical challenges.

Enterprise Level IT Support

Considering a large, sophisticated project, migrating your Microsoft Small Business Server or are you looking to refresh your IT infrastructure? Our Microsoft support technicians will help ensure your project’s success from the planning stages through build-out and testing.  Visit our IT Consulting services page for more information.

Microsoft Exchange Server Experts

Need help setting up Microsoft Exchange® Server or looking for MS Exchange® or MS SharePoint® hosting services? Our team manages Microsoft Exchange® e-mail servers and hosting environments on behalf of our customers daily. When it comes to Microsoft Support - we’re always happy to help you.

Microsoft Technologies & Applications

Computer Systems Support & Design Microsoft consultants are experienced experts with all Microsoft technologies and applications, from hardware to operating systems to Microsoft Office productivity software as well as the new Microsoft Office 365 online productivity suite.
If you'd like more information about how our Microsoft consultants and technical support staff can help ensure optimal performance for your network and IT infrastructure please fill out our contact form or call (877) 717-6075

Computer Systems Support & Design, LLC is an independent service provider for Information Technology Support for third party products and services. Any use of third party trademarks, brand names, products and services is only referential in nature and Computer Systems Support & Design, LLC hereby disclaims any sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of or by any such third party.

Computer Networking Services & IT Support

Our IT Support Services Control Costs and Reduce Risks

Computer Systems Support & Design Computer Networking Services & IT Support services provide planning, deployment, optimization, management and support of your IT infrastructure to ensure your network is available, stable, adaptable and secure.  Computer Systems Support & Design Networking Services provide your company with flexible, comprehensive solutions that accommodate change and complexity while controlling costs and reducing risks. With more than two decades of experience designing and implementing complex heterogeneous data networks, CSSD's certified Computer Networking Services & IT Support staff brings the necessary end-to-end knowledge and proven methodologies to deliver long-term network solutions to help you meet your business goals.

Benefits of CSSD's Computer Networking Services & IT Support Services

  • Flexible, reliable, cost-effective networking solutions, developed with expertise in your industry
  • The simplicity of single-source accountability: Networking services for your entire infrastructure, from servers, storage, and networks to software, security, and IT management.

  • Comprehensive support coordination: We supply all your support needs infrastructure-wide.

 CSSD's IT Security Services offer end-to-end risk management solutions to protect against threats while reducing the costs and complexity of security.

We help you reduce the cost and complexity of securing your IT infrastructure with a comprehensive portfolio of world-class managed security services and consulting services to reduce IT Support Services cost and reduce risk.

Managed security services - Award-winning managed services help protect your information assets from attack.
Professional security services - Build comprehensive and effective information security policies and practices for your business.
Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance solutions - We can help you assess compliance and meet all 12 requirements of the PCI standard.
Security Intelligence - Automation, analytics and integration to drive savings inn your IT Support services cost.

Computer Systems Support & Design experienced IT Tech Support personnel and state of the art infrastructure serve as an extension of your IT and Network environments by evolving and managing your core IT infrastructure. CSSD Network and server support offers expertise in Information Technology, IT Management, Professional Services and a full suite of IT Consulting Services. 

You may have a need to:

  • Improve operations and manage your network's cost & complexity.
  • Strengthen your infrastructure and network security controls.
  • Identify gaps and apply innovation to help meet your corporate objectives.
  • Develop and maintain an infrastructure evolution plan, which includes checkpoints, benchmarks and technology adoption.

After evaluating every aspect of your business environment, the Network and IT Tech Support Team will use this knowledge to help you contain costs and maximize efficiency by designing innovative customized solutions. Call Johannes Banck at (877) 717-6075 Ext. 211 today.

Smart Money Saving IT Tech Support Ideas

Smart IT Tech Support Money Savings Ideas for the next RececessionMoney Saving Suggestions for Difficult Economic Times

Businesses who learn how to reduce their operating expenses are far more likely to survive a recession than those who continue to operate "business as usual". For any business owner, information technology costs are high and that is true for also for IT Tech Support Costs in Connecticut. No one likes budget cuts, but the pain can be reduced by smart IT planning and execution. Here are some ways that you can trim costs without gutting IT services:



typo success    Virtualize everything:

Consolidate servers. Most companies are already virtualizing and consolidating multiple servers onto one physical platform. This is one area where it does not pay to postpone purchasing software such as VMware or Microsoft Virtual Server (Hyper-V) The savings go beyond hardware to include power and cooling costs, management overhead, and maintenance.

Application virtualization using technologies can reduce the administrative costs of installing, maintaining and troubleshooting software. It's much cheaper to handle a single application installation on a server than to send IT Tech Support staffers around the building to deal with multiple installations on different machines.

typo success    Consider Dropping Your Merchant Account:

Most businesses require a merchant account in order to accept credit cards as payments from their customers. With the increasing merchant account expenses, though, this is often a costly expense. 4% to even 6% average costs on charges are not the exception. You could still accept credit cards if you switch to an online payment processor, like Paypal, and avoid paying statement fees and monthly fees that are typical of regular merchant accounts. Online payment processors charge a higher fee per transaction than a standard merchant account, but depending on the volume of credit card transactions you may pay less overall than you do with your current merchant account. Run some numbers to see if the savings are significant enough to warrant a switch.

typo success    Use a Laptop or even an IPad for certain tasks:

If reasonable, use a laptop instead of a full PC. A laptop consumes 90% less energy than the desktop version, and for many businesses, a laptop can do the job as well as a desktop.

typo success    Share IT Resources:

Do you have a computer and printer at every workstation in your office? Sell the individual printers and get a single printer that operates on the network. All computers in the office can print from the same printer and eliminate maintenance requirements on each individual printer, as well as reduce the energy required to power the printers. Think of other computer components that could be networked instead of used individually to further cut costs and set up a more efficient office. If you run a Microsoft Small Business Server such as SBS2011 in your office you already have all the functionality available.

typo success    Switch to VoIP Phone Lines or Hosted VoIP:

Are you still paying high phone bills to make sales calls, handle customer service, or hold teleconferences? This is an expense that almost all businesses can save simply by switching to VOIP lines instead of your land-line or cellphone service. From Vonage, MegaPath to Packet8 to Skype, there are numerous options that help you eliminate expensive long distance charges. Most businesses report a savings of around 60% when switching to telephone lines that operate through their Internet connection.

typo success    Use Freelancers or a Outsourced IT Tech Support Provider:

When you discover you have a need for someone to complete a project that falls outside the scope of your current employees - instead of hiring another full time or part time employee, consider using a freelancer. Freelancers don't require office space, do not receive the employee benefits you provide to your current staff, and can be hired on a per-project basis instead of placed on salary.

typo success    Downsize Your IT Department or Re-evaluate Your Current Outsourced IT Service:

Consider using a flat rate IT Tech Support service rather than maintaining a full-time IT Support person on payroll, or maintaining a reactive outsourced IT service whose monthly costs are unpredictable. Computer Systems Support's Flat rate IT Tech Support service allows you to budget for and reduce your monthly and overall costs, increase your profits and act as your virtual IT department so you can focus on running your business and not the technology that supports it.

To learn more and to review our Money Saving IT Support Ideas During a Recession options please call (877) 717-6075


Tech Support Services

Tech Support Services for Fairfield County Small Business
Increase Network Reliability and Uptime

IT Helpdesk and Server Tech Support for Fairfield County, Connecticut BusinessOur Tech Support Services enable you to place your Information Technology under the care of experienced technical specialists so that you can concentrate on running your business and at the same time reduce costs.

Managed Tech Support Services provide continuous technical expertise and value through on-call technical support and remote support. Fairfield County businesses and professional offices benefit from increased operational efficiency, lower IT costs, and reduced exposure to external risks.

Our Security Support Services leverage real-time threat monitoring, analysis, and remediation guidance to minimize the impact of security incidents on business operations and reduce the overall risk to your company assets.

Computer Systems Support & Design offers a variety of  technical support services which are customized to fit your specific tech support needs. These services are organized into the following categories:

  • Help Desk: Includes Remote Support, Remote Control, Asset Discovery and Management, Data Protection, Patch Management, and Virus & Spyware Removal.
  • Server Tech Support: Includes support for Microsoft Windows Server, Small Business Server (SBS2008 & SBS2011), Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, IIS, DNS, DHCP, and FTP.
  • Server Deployment: Includes Deployment Planning, Rollouts, Installation and Configuration. Ask for our Small Business Server 2011 (SBS2011) deployment special.
  • On Demand Tech Support: Includes incident based break-fix support for Desktops, Servers, Applications and Network devices.
  • Server Security: Includes Firewalls, VPN, Spyware, Spam and Virus Protection.
  • Proactive IT Management: Includes Continuous 24X7 Monitoring, Asset Management, Security Assurance, Preventive Maintenance, and Monthly Reports.
  • IT Consulting: Includes Purchase Assistance, New Product Evaluation, Office Automation Solutions and Mail Migration

If you are located in these CT communities and town call us today at (877) 717-6075 Ext. 211

We provide Tech Support in: Fairfield, Southport, Westport, Norwalk, New Canaan, Wilton, Darien, Bridgeport, Stratford, Trumbull, Easton, Bethel, Danbury, Ridgefield

The following matrix displays the different Information Technology (IT) services and benefits offered by Computer Systems Support & Design's managed technical support services:

Computer Systems Support & Design Information Technology Support Services  Managed Tech Support Services
Unlimited 24X7 Phone and Remote Support for Windows Server 24x7 Phone and remote computer and Windows Server support
Unlimited 24X7 Phone and Remote Support for Desktop 24x7 Phone and Remote computer support for Desktops and workstations
Monitoring and Alerting Server and workstation monitoring for IT networks and infrastructure
Patch Management for Desktops Windows Server and Workstation patching and patch management
Patch Management for Servers Windows server 2008, Microsoft Small Business Server patching
Performance Tuning for Desktops Server performance tuning
Performance Tuning for Servers checkmark-orange
Preventive Maintenance Preventative Information Technology, Network and Server maintenance
Security Management and Vulnerability Assessment Windows Server Security Assessment, security management and vulnerability assessment
Scripting based Management Server scripting
Security Auditing Security auditing and Active Directory services
Event Log Monitoring Event log monitoring
Configuration Changes Microsoft windows server configuration management
Dedicated Account Manager Computer Systems Support provides your own IT support manager
Asset Tracking Information Technology Inventory and asset tracking - license compliance
Scheduled Reports Schedule IT Reporting to know the status of your network
User ID Management End User authentication tracking and reporting
Notification for Critical Alerts Critical network and server Alert escalation
Fix Critical Alerts fix / repair critical server alerts


Call us at (877) 717-6075 for instant support.


Computer Systems Support & Design, LLC is an independent service provider for Information Technology Support for third party products and services. Any use of third party trademarks, brand names, products and services is only referential in nature and Computer Systems Support & Design, LLC hereby disclaims any sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of or by any such third party.


Help Desk Service 1

When you sign up for the Computer Systems Support & Design Help Desk you'll experience the benefit of a live, U.S.-based technical support team on software and hardware products from certified frontline-support technicians. Our friendly customer-service team will use industry-leading internal processes to expertly troubleshoot your technical issues.

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