Employee Technology Training: Get the Most Out of Your Technology Investment - 4 Timely Tips

Improve Productivity and Employee Satisfaction with Employee Technology Training

How many times have you purchased new software or hardware, and avoided the help menu or user manual? Experts reason that about 80 percent of all features included with software go unused! Much of this comes down to lack of training for employees using the technology - they use what they know and need most, and avoid anything that would require study or practice to implement. It's human nature to take the path of least resistance, but with a little motivation you could better benefit from the money spent on technology.

  • The IDC estimates a company will lose 10 to 30% of its capabilities per year. By Year Three, an organization has retained only 41% of it original capabilities, dwindling to 24% by Year Six
  • Training also affects employee retention. According to the American Society for Training & Development, 41% of employees at companies with inadequate training programs plan to leave within a year versus 12% of employees at companies who provide employee training and development..
  • Training employees in the application of productivity tools leads to better performance, more productivity, increased revenues, reduced expenses, and lower turnover - all of which positively impacts your bottom line and gives you a distinct advantage over the competition.

But you might say... if I train my employees, they will leave. This what Zig Ziglar, success speaker, had to say: "What's worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training them and keeping them." Trained employees are happier and more likely to stay put.

When viewed as an investment rather than an expense, employee training can produce high returns.
Call Johannes Banck, SBSC today! We will help you train your employees in the effective use of the productivity tools you've provided.

4 Tips to get the most out of your IT investment with Employee Technology Training

Instead of letting your IT investment continue on underutilized, here are 4 tips for getting the most out of your technology dollars:

Employee Training in Technology is an investment with many short and longterm benefits1. Put your employees in the driver's seat of communication.

You can improve the quality of customer service offered by your company through the use of  technology. The more connected you are to your clients, and the more your employees are capable of using the technology comfortably, the happier they are with your work. Use technology to give your clients different ways to initiate discussion with you. Employee technology training in the use of all communication technology will result in improved client retention, repeat customers and better communication. The general rule is, give customers as many ways as possible to engage with your company and employees.

2. Create a business culture of continuous improvement with employee technology training

One of the most amazing aspects of IT is how quickly it is updated and improved. Just when you think you have the best of the best, new technologies and processes are created to improve productivity. Even in the sometimes mundane office environments, new ideas will enhance efficiency and employee productivity. Encourage your staff to let the new ideas flow - continuous improvement and employee technology training is the key for making the most out of your technology and improve productivity. Productivity in a small and medium business means improved revenue and profit!

3. Take advantage of employee technology training opportunities.

If the cost of sending staff to training courses is a bit much, and you're unable to conduct monthly training seminars on your own - consider bringing in Computer Systems Support highly regarded managed service provider in Connecticut to deliver employee technology training virtually or onsite as needed, in order to keep your staff up to date with the programs, applications and technology tools used in the office.

4. Internal email newsletters with technology tips.

Most businesses recognize the value of sending newsletters to their clients to keep in touch and establish relationships, but what about internal newsletters among staff members? Send a weekly email to your staff with a single technology tip that explains how to do something that will improve their productivity or make their lives a little easier. Keep it fun and add a cartoon or a quick quiz to keep the staff looking forward to their weekly newsletter. Your ideas for topics can come from training and seminars you attend, or from questions staff ask your IT Tech Support Service Provider. If one person doesn't understand something, there are probably a few others who also don't understand - but aren't speaking up about it. To amplify the value of those newsletters, make it a point to save them in SharePoint which is part of Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 (SBS2011) or in the new Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite (click here for a free trial). Both provide your own internal website and collaboration space.

Helping Employees Get the Most out of Technology with Employee Technology Training

The success of your business depends on how well your employees are trained in the technology you give them, how well they perform their job duties and how your customers relate to them and communicate. Lack of employee technology training spells trouble for any company because it unfavorably impacts the company, internally and externally. Prevent this from affecting your business - engage Computer Systems Support & Design for your employee training. Call today.

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