Network Assessments Lead to Efficient Network Designs
Which in Turn Leads to Network Security and Ultimately Productivity

Network Security By Design Layers of Defense"'There is a Chinese curse which says 'May he live in interesting times.' Like it or not we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty." —Robert F. Kennedy. These statements were made years before we became aware of the importance of the internet and networking. They remain as important as ever when considering the importance of network design and security.

"Every business is on the frontline of the fight against cyber threats", says Eugene Kaspersky, chief executive at security firm Kaspersky Lab.

There is no doubt that small and large businesses face increased network security challenges, ranging from the highly technical malware threats to simple social engineering attacks. Each day we read about new attacks and new means of stealing data, money, resources and intellectual property.

  • It is important for businesses of any size to understand the nature of the threat against the business and the impact of a breach on production, finances, intellectual property and reputation.
  • Businesses need to be able to continually monitor networks, devices and users and have the ability to detect and mitigate intrusions as quickly as possible
  • Malware is increasingly customized and targeted. This means businesses need to be prepared for unknown attacks. Basic IT security remains vital
  • Users are often the weakest link. Consequently, a significant proportion of attacks involve social engineering. Employee awareness training is indispensable
Really the list of risks is endless. Murphy's law: Anything that can go wrong, will. That's where I encourage you to fight Murphy and give me a call to start a network assessment which then can become the basis of a more detailed security plan.

Security By Design

Networks are becoming more complex as a result of increased multi-vector threats aimed at employees and network resources. Computer Systems Support & Design helps Connecticut businesses determine where and why networks are causing problems, and illustrate how to get your network ready to support your business at peak efficiency and security.

Network Security Assessment Security Diagram with Cisco SA520A network assessment will measure and analyze performance and Network Security of the following:

  • Computer Network devices – switches, routers, hubs, etc. Includes capacity issues related to CPU, memory, buffer management, link/media utilization, and throughput.
  • Applications & Software – e-mail, VoIP, FTP, Telnet, etc. Information consists mostly of bandwidth used by applications or devices.

In addition to our Network and Network Security Assessment, we will also survey your expectations for IT, management, physical sites and cabling infrastructure to produce a thourough network analysis.

Call (877) 717-6075 Ext 211 for your customized Network Assessment.

Often, in our work as IT Tech Support provider we come across network issues such as;

  • Frequent network outages
  • Users complain about poorly performing applications
  • Best practices for network operations have not been implemented
  • Management reporting on operational, financial and technology metrics is not available

We will help resolve these challenges by;

  • Thoroughly understanding your business and align information technology and financing to meet those requirements
  • Engaging appropriately skilled, trained and certified IT Ttech Support engineers and IT Consultants to deliver your project
  • Delivering projects on-time and on budget no matter how complex
  • Working with best-in-class technology partners such as Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Fortinet, Sonicwall and others
  • Using a proven Methodology: Review, Plan, Design, Implement and Technical Support

We recommend to take a top down approach to network security, developing a network security policy that defines what it is you need to protect and from what.

Understanding why protecting those assets are important enables you to communicate the need to your employees so that they understand their role in helping to secure the information technology environment.

How to get Stared with Implementing Business Network Security?

Once the  network assessment is completed we can begin developing your organization's network security best practices, you need a three step approach: preparation, organization and execution.

Preparation includes understanding what levels of network security are appropriate to your organization and defining acceptable use policies of systems and data by category of users; conducting a risk analysis to identify possible security exposures in the network and assigning a risk level based on what could occur if that system was compromised.

Equipped with your security policies and risk analysis, you can now address the issues that need to be resolved based on risk exposure to the organization, beginning with the highest risk category and working down the list. 

Computer Systems Support & Design can help you execute the security policies by defining your organization's security best practices, leveraging our extensive knowledge in vulnerability and risk assessment to develop a security plan, conduct a network risk analysis, and provide you the tools to find and fix security issues.

Call us today to learn more about our FREE Business Technology and Data Security Network Assessment at this link.

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