Unified Wireless Network SecurityUnified Wireless Networks (WiFi) Improve Employee Productivity

Dropped connections, slow performance and increased interference was taking its toll on the dated wireless network at one of our customers. Meanwhile, the client wanted to use WiFi to better optimize operations through the use wireless workstation for layout flexibility, tablets for staff, and WiFi for the many Apple and Android smart phones. They needed a WiFi solution that was flexible, easy to deploy and could be remotely managed with wireless management software. They also needed flexible deployment options that could be installed without a local controller, support for roaming and the ability to easily add additional wireless access points as their requirements increased.

After extensive research the customer decided to install the Cisco Unified Wireless Network. Cisco offers an impressive wireless product line for small and medium sized businesses. The Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution combines the best elements of wireless and wired networking to deliver the same level of security, scalability, reliability, ease of deployment, and management for wireless LANs you would expect from wired LANs.

The Benefits Unified Wireless Networks are Compelling

The Benefits Unified Wireless NetworksUnified wireless office networking not only allows users to pick up their laptops and go work where it's most convenient — in other offices, conference rooms, lunch rooms, etc. — but also makes moves, adds and network changes much faster and more cost-efficient.

Because mobile devices are now so affordable and ubiquitous and Wireless Technology has become more cost effective and easier to use, businesses that have not yet implemented a secure unified wireless network infrastructure take a hard look at the technology and what it does to productivity.  Most employees and customers have Wireless Networks at home; making them take a step backwards might not be the right thing to do.

Unified Wireless Networking (WiFi)

Untangle your office network and improve productivity at the same time with WiFi. Computer Systems Support & Design provides wireless solutions for small and medium-sized business and very large homes.

Stay Connected, Without the Wires

WiFi is the easy way to give your employees access to the Internet, email, printers, scanners and shared directories, along with the freedom to work wherever it's most convenient for them — whether in a conference room. the lunch room or outside.


Wireless network connections give your employees the flexibility to do their best work anywhere in your office. Employees with laptop computers can work in other offices, conference rooms, the lunchroom, or even outdoors and still access the network. Working collaboratively is easier than ever, since employees can share information faster and communicate more effectively. Yet for all its freedom, WiFi is highly secure.


WiFi makes moves, adds, and changes a breeze. Now your employees can change offices and connect to the network without the hassle and expense of service calls or an appointment with your ` Tech Support provider. And as your business grows, your network can grow just as easily. Simply make a wireless network connection with a new computer and a wireless Network Card (NIC) to the wireless network, authenticate and get back to work.

Wireless Security

Security is critical. We also believe security should be simple. With the solutions we recommend and install you can set up, manage and secure wireless network connections all from a single software interface that's easy to use. It is important to ensure that wireless devices deployed use the latest security standards and any industry security requirements - we make this an important part of our wireless network design.

Secure Wireless Guest Access

A Unified Wireless Network supports simplified configuration and deployment of wireless guest access for customers, vendors, and partners. Guest access increases company productivity, facilitates real-time collaboration, and helps companies be more competitive in today's anywhere, anytime business climate. With secure guest access, internal user traffic is segregated from guest user traffic using Ethernet over IP (EoIP) tunnels and VLANs.


Selecting Computer Systems Support & Design as Your Unified Wireless Network Partner

Customers that migrate to Unified Wireless Networks will immediately experience numerous benefits including ease of management, scalability, advanced features, lowered total cost of ownership, and mobility services such as voice, guest access, location services, and enhanced security.

Computer Systems Support & Design helps Connecticut based businesses implement secure wireless networks with these services:

  • WiFi Unified Wireless Network design
  • Site survey Equipment Supply, Installation and configuration
  • Post installation validation
  • In-building Voice over WLAN
  • WiFi training
  • Support services
  • Supply, Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance of  wireless controllers, wireless access points and computer systems

When implemented employees will be happier and more productive, and the Wireless Network can be a steppingstone into additional technologies such as unified communications, video surveillance, telephony.

We can help you improve productivity by networking your office computers, connecting wireless devices including printers and scanners allowing your employees to seamlessly share important corporate data wirelessly. This is exiting technology - please call (877) 717-6075 Opt. 2 for more information.


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