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IT Consulting Services with a Complete Range of IT Solutions

The constant progression of technology has helped your organization reach new heights. But this rapid evolution can also leave a complex IT infrastructure in its wake — driving up operating costs and limiting agility.

Transform your IT infrastructure through a unique consulting methodology supporting a wide range of customer implementations.

Give us a call at (203) 216-9902 and let's set up a meeting to discuss your IT Consulting Services needs.

What's in it for you? Isn't it time you discovered what other Connecticut companies have already learned?  Peace-of-mind that your support needs are in good hands.

No matter how small your business is, one thing is certain: The most successful companies are built on a foundation of well-managed Information Technology. Well-managed IT takes the worry out of technology so that your efforts are focused on growing your business, managing costs and increasing revenues.

Approach to IT Consulting and Computer SupportTechnology Assessment for Fairfield County, CT small businessTechnology Assessments & Audit = IT Best Practices and Performance

Our Consultants audit and assess your current technology environment to provide an objective third party review. This service benchmarks your environment against industry best practices so that you can see how your information technology infrastructure compares. At the end of the assessment, you have the knowledge to make more informed decisions about future investments.

Security Assessment for Fairfield County, CT small businessData and Network Security = Piece-of-Mind on a Small Business IT Budget

Weak security puts your company at-risk financially, legally and productivity wise. Computer Systems Support IT Consultants know not only how to make sure your systems AND networks are secure, but also how to help you get the policies and procedures in place to stay secure. We are well-versed in Active Directory and Group Policy and our Cisco and Fortinet Unified Threat Management Appliances (firewalls) are state-of-the-art. Please ask for our our network and security consulting.

Computer Troubleshooting and Repair for Fairfield County, CT small businessTroubleshooting & Computer Support = Computer Problems Resolved Quickly and Affordably

We can help with a range of computer problems, from simple start-up errors and device conflicts to blue screen errors & system freezing. Whatever your technology issue, avoid the headache and hassle of a broken PC or crashed Windows Server with our great value fixed-fee remote or on-site troubleshooting and computer support service.

Backup and Disaster Recovery for Fairfield County, CT small businessBackup and Disaster Recovery = Reducing the Risk of Lost Data

If the worst were to happen would your data be safe? CSSD's IT Consultants are experienced in creating and integrating disaster recovery plans that give your business total confidence in the protection of critical data. We offer both on-site and off-site data backup solutions that if needed can virtualize your workloads on-site or in the cloud. Our flagship DR product is our CSSD Datto-Siris Disaster Recovery Appliance.

Server Migration and Application Migration for Fairfield County, CT small businessServer and Application Migration Services = Streamlined, Simplified, Standardized and Scalable IT Infrastructure

Be it migrating Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 or 2008 to SBS2011 or Office 2007, Office 2010 to Office 2013 or Microsoft Office 365 or any other server upgrade, a successful technology migration can help your organization leave behind legacy systems that are inflexible, old, proprietary or homegrown. But how do you know whether migration is worth your time and effort? Our IT Consulting services migration evaluation, services and proof-of-concept systems can help you decide. If migration is right for you, our IT Consulting Services provide a plan that can include migration support ranging from off-the-shelf migration packs to fully customized server migration.

Virus and Spyware Removal for Fairfield County, CT small businessVirus & Spyware Removal = Clean, Fast and Healthy PC

Computer performance problems can be symptoms of infections that can lead to potential loss of critical data, or security breaches of your network. Computer Systems Support's professionals are experienced in the removal of these infections and the protection of computer networks.

Network, Server and Computer IT Support for Fairfield County, CT small businessNetwork & Computer Support = Reliable Network Infrastructure

CSSD's technicians help your organization design, implement and deploy a successful network installation from firewall to server and end-point including Unified Threat Management (UTM). Our IT Consulting Services define your business requirements and growth plans to build a framework for connecting your computers and other equipment in your business. With the Right Network in place everything changes.

Hardware and Software Upgrades for Fairfield County, CT small businessHardware & Software Upgrades = More for Less

Are your systems running slowly? You may need an upgrade. Our IT Consulting Services provide hardware and software recommendations and upgrade your current system with more memory, hard drives, faster video cards, or recent  software versions your system may need for much less than the cost of a new system. Our Green Initiative helps you reduce your carbon footprint for a better world.

E-mail and Collaboration Support for Fairfield County, CT small businessProductivity Enhancing Tools = Employee Productivity Anywhere

Boost your employee productivity and responsiveness whether you are in the office, at home or on the road. Our IT Consulting Services help you stay plugged-in and connected to your business with the latest on-site and cloud services. Ask us about Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint or Google Docs.

Employee Training for Fairfield County, CT small businessEmployee Training = Knowledge Transfer

Virtually every implementation that our Consultants undertake involves employee training and knowledge transfer. We offer our Connecticut based clients ongoing training opportunities for skills and knowledge upgrades and new software.


Give us a call at (877) 717-6075 and let's set up a meeting to discuss your IT Consulting and Support needs.

IT Solutions & Support For Your Business Challenges

Computer Systems Support IT Consulting helps businesses in Fairfield County, Connecticut

The right mix of IT Consulting services, IT solutions and computer technical support services can reduce your business challenges, allowing you to increase productivity and focus on your core business goals while reducing costs.  We concentrate on the needs of local Fairfield County, Connecticut business and professional organizations.

Consider This

Managing a business of any size requires a broad range of skills and experience.  Choosing to outsource your company's IT Consulting needs with us can save your business time and money by providing skilled personnel, services and IT solutions for your business technology challenges.

We are a Fairfield County based IT Consultant and IT Support services provider that can take care of all your IT Consulting support needs.  Regardless of your businesses needs, basic or complex, CSSD is the IT consulting firm that can help you.  Whether you need to build your IT network from the ground up, are ready to refresh your existing network, migrate your Microsoft small business server or other technology, or just need basic IT support, CSSD can help you.

Business challenges that can be solved with the right technology and right network include the following:

Growing Your Business
Information Technology is the foundation for all business growth.  We provide customized IT Consulting plans to address your company's unique Information Technology IT needs. Consider a flexible, expandable IT network that will make it easy for your employees to communicate, collaborate, and share.

Increased Productivity
When your businesses IT network is functioning and proactively supported all your employees have access to the data they need, whenever they need it, regardless of where they are working.  CSSD's customization skills ensure that all employees have access to the data they need so they can be productive.

Strategic IT Planning
To maximize your businesses resources, you need an IT plan from your IT Consultant that will address your current and future needs.  CSSD is the Fairfield County, Connecticut based IT Consulting and IT service provider to address your current and future needs at reasonable cost.

Complying With Regulations
If your business is governed by State or Federal regulations, you need to safeguard all Electronic Data.  CSSD helps you build a secure IT infrastructure that will meet your specific regulatory requirements.

Coping With Business Challenges
Changes are a constant in today's business environment. Strategic IT planning helps you implement the best IT solutions to future proof your IT investment.

Disaster Recovery Planning
Every business need to have a backup plan that will allow your business to operate, no matter what happens.  CSSD helps you implement disaster recovery best practices that ensures that your critical IT systems and data are always available.

Securing Your Data
Your company's data is the fabric that enables your employees to service customers and stay ahead of the competition.  CSSD helps secure your data from external attacks and internal abuse.  We help you create a layered defense that protects your data and systems from internal and external threats.

To learn more about how our IT Consulting and IT support services can help you address your businesses challenges, please contact Johannes Banck, SBSC at (877) 717-6075 Ext 211

Professional IT Consulting Services

- Engaging Computer System Support & Design's IT Consulting Expertise

IT Consulting Services by Computer Systems SupportCSSD's professional services approach begins with good conversation around the business objectives of your company and how technology is viewed as a tool or enabler of those goals. We are interested in listening to the obstacles or challenges Fairfield County businesses face and finding ways of applying good thought processes and proven experience to each individual situation.

Many engagements encompass discussion and idea generation around the desired outcome of a particular business goal or project. Most conversations evolve from the macro level to a “street view” of the factors and conditions surrounding a solution.

Our clients often comment on the comfort level we provide in taking steps to ensure existing IT infrastructure and Services are evaluated and maximized. By applying investments in technology and industry best practices, a true end-to-end vision is created.

Computer System Support & Design's consultants have years of experience in Information Technology and other industries. Our clients enjoy an outstanding mix of technology experience and practical business knowledge engaging across a wide range of solutions, including:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Design and Development
  • Unified Communications
  • Applications
  • Mobility

Our expert team engages across architecture development, hardware and software procurement, high-performance networks, threat and health assessments, troubleshooting, migration and upgrading planning and long-term management plans.

Over 95% of clients continue to use Computer System Support & Design's Professional Services expanding into Proactive Managed IT Support Services for Network Monitoring and Management.

Let us show you how Computer System Support & Design can be your end-to-end Professional Services partner. Call now (877) 717-6075 Ext 211.

The Paperless Office - 6 Tips on how to get there

Gaining Office Efficiency and Productivity by Moving to the Paperless Office

The Paperless Office - Green Computing - Paper pileMany businesses have made a partial move to the paperless office. They are doing this by using scanners instead of copying machines, sending electronic faxes instead of paper faxes, never printing out e-mail attachments, storing information electronically instead of in filing cabinets, sharing information on CDs, USB sticks, in SharePoint, Office 365 (free trial here), Skydrive or other file sharing services. In short, they're getting greater return on their hardware, software and technology investments.

Call Computer Systems Support & Design today and let us create the paperless office that is green computing, eco-friendly, employee-friendly and more efficient.

Here's what one client told me: "I was dragged kicking and screaming into a paperless office environment when I went to work my new employer, a creative firm that heavily uses Office 365 and other online tools. The only paper we had was the legal posters on the walls. For the first 6 months I didnt even have access to the printer because we rarely used it! I stubbornly dragged around my paper folders and notebooks but gradually transitioned to living life with less paper.
Now I have moved on to a paper-intensive nonprofit organization. And once again, Im DYING! Now its because there is so much paper and I have learned to run my business life paperless and online.
Live and learn... but Ill never go back to the paper level I used before the paperless office! -Liz-"

Six suggestions to keep in mind as you move toward a paperless office.

  1. "Going Paperless" often means "less paper." For example, you can virtually eliminate paper faxes by generating faxes on your computer and having in-bound faxes delivered to your computer system via e-mail. A proven system that does this elegantly and reliably is the Cisco UC500 Unified Communications System. You can even electronically sign, encrypt and signature-stamp outgoing documents. But you're still likely to have some paper floating through your paperless office. Not all of your clients or vendors want to communicate 100% electronically.

  2. Everyone has to buy in.  Merely saying as  owner or manager of your business that you want those around you to embrace the paperless office doesn't make it so. Management has to buy into the transition as a permanently-new way of doing business. Change can be difficult. Employees who have been making photocopies, sending paper faxes, putting documents into legal sized folders are going to have to change. They will have to learn new routines that they already feel skilled at. "I think you really have to take them through the paperless process a little at a time," says Johannes Banck.
  3. Without paper, make sure you're backing up files. In the traditional backup system, you would make a photocopy of a document and put it in a properly-labeled folder that can later be retrieved from a filing cabinet. Most businesses developed electronic document management filing systems that mimic the old paper systems, using Microsoft Small Business Server SBS2011, File Shares, Office365 or customized document management programs for storing documents by type of document, client, project or other prioritization.
    But those files can't just be created — they have to be backed up as well. The message here is to have a system (on-premise, hybrid, or cloud) in place for regular and consistent backups.

  4. The paperless office does not happen overnight. Your business won't go from all-paper one day to paperless the next or even next year. It's a progression. You might start out by scanning all incoming bills into your system, and then expand to include all general business correspondence. Initially, you might even find you're creating more work instead of less. Dr. B. Clopukh, a Urologist, has embraced the paperless medical office wherever possible but finds that he often stores medical records electronically and still prints out a copy for himself. He syas: "I'm not even sure why I do it; it's just another way of backing up information that I'm still comfortable with."

    The Going Paperless Office
  5. You'll need to rearrange your office — it's a good thing. There usually aren't tremendous savings of office space when you first start focusing on using less paper. You still have all those paper documents housed in your big, clunky file cabinets. At some point during your transition to a paperless office, however, the difference in your physical storage space will become apparent. "My eyes were opened when I had to move from one location to another and I realized I had many filing cabinets that I was holding on to for no reason," says Ed Branson, a real estate broker.

  6. Less paper is just the beginning of the payoff. The most visible impact of a move to a paperless office is the reduction in the cost of printing, mailing, shipping and storing paper. And yes, using Microsoft SharePoint, which is part of the Small Business Server 2011 Suite or Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite takes commitment and getting used to. Over time, lots of other benefits become apparent: Fewer hours looking for bills, documents and copies of client documents (in SBS2011 and Office 365 all documents can be electronically searched). The ability to access all sorts of information from computer files — in a matter of seconds without having to search your office.

In short, change can be taxing — but it will be profitable in the long-run. Please call (877) 717-6075 Ext 211 to further explore and learn about the paperless office technologies that could benefit your business. And remember, if you are not doing it - your competition is.


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