Helpful Windows 7 Run Commands That Make Managing Your Windows Computer Easier and Faster

Windows 7 Run Command Prompt AdministrationWindows Run Commands can be very helpful not only for administrators but also users. All of the Run Commands below work in the Windows 7 Operating System, however some do require that you have the application associated with the command installed. Windows 7 will tell you when this is the case. To open the run dialog box where you enter the run commands, click start and then type "run". You can also hold down the Windows Logo key (not the Start button) on your keyboard and press 'R'; this will open the run command console where you then type in your command where applicable.

The following commands can be run in Windows to help you access various aspects of your computer. If you are in the process of tweaking your system so it becomes more responsive these can prove quite useful. You also create batch .bat files on your desktop for your most used commands.

Chances are you won't find all commands useful, and you probably already use some of them daily (e.g. I couldn't live without "notepad" and "services.msc"), but there are a few more gems in this list nonetheless.

Windows 7 Elevated Command Prompt

The Windows 7 Command Prompt

On Windows Vista and Windows 7, a standard Command Prompt may not allow you to do everything that you need to. Some of the commands if they need to be executed from the Command Prompt require administrative elevation. The best way to start an elevated command prompt is to RIGHT click on the shortcut and choose "Run As Administrator".  How to tell if you are running in elevayed mode?

If the prompt is elevated, then the initial path will be C:\Windows\System32. The title bar will also say "Administrator: Command Prompt". If the prompt is not elevated then by default it will start in C:\Users\Username (where username is the username of the account in use) and the title bar will just say "Command Prompt". Here's an example.


Warning: Use any of these Windows 7 Run Commands at your own Risk

Before changing any values within the utilities that open, be sure to read up on what they will do and use them with caution.

Windows 7 Administrative Tools

Administrative Tools = control admintools
Authorization Manager = azman.msc
Component Services = dcomcnfg
Certificate Manager = certmgr.msc
Direct X Troubleshooter = dxdiag 
Display Languages = lpksetup
ODBC Data Source Administrator = odbcad32
File Signature Verification Tool = sigverif
Group Policy Editor = gpedit.msc
Add Hardware Wizard = hdwwiz.cpl
iSCSI Initiator = iscsicpl
Iexpress Wizard = iexpress
Local Security Settings = secpol.msc
Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool = msdt
Microsoft Management Console = mmc
Print management = printmanagement.msc
Printer User Interface = printui
Problems Steps Recorder = psr
People Near Me = p2phost 
Registry Editor = regedit or regedt32
Resoure Monitor = resmon
System Configuration Utility = msconfig
Resultant Set of Policy = rsop.msc
SQL Server Client Configuration = cliconfg
Task Manager = taskmgr
Trusted Platform Module = tpm.msc
TPM Security Hardware = TpmInit 
Windows Remote Assistance = msra
Windows Share Folder Creation Wizard = shrpubw
Windows Standalong Update Manager = wusa
Windows System Security Tool = syskey
Windows Script Host Settings = wscript
Windows Version = winver
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security = wf.msc
Windows Memory Diagnostic = MdSched
Windows Malicious Removal Tool = mrt

Windows Computer Management

 Computer Management = compmgmt.msc or CompMgmtLauncher
Task Scheduler = control schedtasks
Event Viewer = eventvwr.msc
Shared Folders/MMC = fsmgmt.msc
Local Users and Groups = lusrmgr.msc
Performance Monitor = perfmon.msc
Device Manager = devmgmt.msc
Disk Management = diskmgmt.msc
Services = services.msc
Windows Management Infrastructure = wmimgmt.msc 

Windows Control Panel

Control Panel = control
Action Center= wscui.cpl 
Autoplay = control.exe /name Microsoft.autoplay
Backup and Restore = sdclt
Create a System Repair disc = recdisc
BDE Administrator = bdeadmin.cpl
Color Management = colorcpl 
Credential Manager = control.exe /name Microsoft.CredentialManager
Credential Manager Stored User Names and Passwords = credwiz
Date and Time Properties = timedate.cpl
Default Programs = control.exe /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms
Set Program Access and Computer Defaults = control appwiz.cpl,,3 or ComputerDefaults
Devices and Printers = control printers
Devices and Printers Add a Device = DevicePairingWizard
Display = dpiscaling 
Screen Resolution = desk.cpl
Display Color Calibration = dccw 
Cleartype Text Tuner = cttune 
Folders Options = control folders
Fonts = control fonts
Getting Started = GettingStarted
HomeGroup = control.exe /name Microsoft.HomeGroup
Indexing Options = control.exe /name Microsoft.IndexingOptions
Internet Properties = inetcpl.cpl
Keyboard = control keyboard
Location and Other Sensors = control.exe /name Microsoft.LocationandOtherSensors 
Location Notifications = LocationNotifications
Mouse = control mouse or main.cpl
Network and Sharing Center = control.exe /name Microsoft.NetworkandSharingCenter
Network Connections = control netconnections or ncpa.cpl
Notification Area Icons = control.exe /name Microsoft.NotificationAreaIcons
Parental Controls = control.exe /name Microsoft.ParentalControls
Performance Information = control.exe /name Microsoft.PerformanceInformationandTools
Personalization = control desktop
Windows Color and Appearance = control color
Phone and Modem Options = telephon.cpl
Power Configuration = powercfg.cpl
Programs and Features = appwiz.cpl or control appwiz.cpl
Optional Features Manager = optionalfeatures or control appwiz.cpl,,2
Recovery = control.exe /name Microsoft.Recovery
Regional and Language = intl.cpl
RemoteApp = control.exe /name Microsoft.RemoteAppandDesktopConnections
Sound = mmsys.cpl
Volume Mixer = sndvol
System Properties = sysdm.cpl or Windows logo key + Pause/Break
SP ComputerName Tab = SystemPropertiesComputerName
SP Hardware Tab = SystemPropertiesHardware
SP Advanced Tab = SystemPropertiesAdvanced
SP Performance = SystemPropertiesPerformance
SP Data Execution Prevention = SystemPropertiesDataExecutionPrevention
SP Protection Tab = SystemPropertiesProtection
SP Remote Tab = SystemPropertiesRemote
Windows Activation = slui
Windows Activation Phone Numbers = slui 4
Taskbar and Start Menu = control.exe /name Microsoft.TaskbarandStartMenu
Troubleshooting = control.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting
User Accounts = control.exe /name Microsoft.UserAccounts
User Account Control Settings = UserAccountControlSettings
Encryption File System = rekeywiz
Windows Anytime Upgrade = WindowsAnytimeUpgradeui
Windows Anytime Upgrade Results = WindowsAnytimeUpgradeResults
Windows Firewall = firewall.cpl
Windows Update App Manager = wuapp

Windows 7 Accessories

Calculator = calc
Character Map = charmap
Command Prompt = cmd
Connect to a Network Projector = NetProj
Connect to a Projector = displayswitch or Windows logo key + P
Defragment User Interface = dfrgui
Disk Cleanup Utility = cleanmgr
Ditilizer Calibration Tool = tabcal
Ease of Access Center = utilman or Windows logo key + U
Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) = iexplore -extoff
Internet Explorer (No Home) = iexplore about:blank
Internet Explorer = iexplore
Locks User Account = Windows logo Key + L
Logs out of Windows = logoff
Magnifier = magnify
Microsoft Paint = mspaint.exe
Notepad = notepad
On Screen Keyboard = osk
Open Documents folder = documents
Open Downloads folder = downloads
Open Favorites folder = favorites
Open Music folder = music
Open Pictures folder = pictures
Open Recent folder = recent
Open Videos folder = videos
Presentation Settings = PresentationSettings
Printer Migration = PrintBrmUi
Private Character Editor = eudcedit
Remote Desktop Connection = mstsc
Run = Windows logo key + R
Snipping Tool = snippingtool
Sound Recorder = soundrecorder
Sync Center = mobsync
System Information = msinfo32
System Restore = rstrui
Windows Easy Transfer = migwiz
Windows Explorer  = explorer or Windows logo key + E
Windows Image Acquisition = wiaacmgr
Windows Media Player = wmplayer
Windows Media Player DVD Player  = dvdplay
Windows PowerShell = powershell
Windows PowerShell ISE  = powershell_ise 
Wordpad = write
XPS Viewer = xpsrchvw


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